Making Suicide Prevention a Health and Safety Priority

Vision & Mission


Our vision is of a community of workplaces eliminating the devastating impact of suicide at work and beyond.



Elevating the conversation to make suicide prevention a health and safety priority.

Working Minds™ seeks to engage workplace communities with three strategies:


1. Establishing a Workplace Suicide Prevention Network: Creating a networking infrastructure that aligns workplaces with suicide preventions, intervention and postvention resources.


2. Providing State of the Art Training: Increasing suicide prevention capacity in workplaces by offering educational workshops, and skill-building training.


3. Changing the Culture of Suicide Prevention in the Workplace: Through social marketing campaigns (media strategies designed to increase awareness and change attitudes), Working Minds™ seeks to let people know: suicide affects everyone and we have a shared responsibility to prevent it.


You are not alone - many resources exist to help you through a suicide crisis.


Construction Working Minds is part of the Working Minds Program of the Carson J Spencer Foundation

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