Making Suicide Prevention a Health and Safety Priority


In order to be successful in promoting mental health at work, two pieces need to come together: a shift in culture and improved skills. Working Minds offers programs to address both of these needs.


Working Minds helps educate workplaces and communities by offering keynote presentations and training workshops. Each of these programs can be modified according to the needs of different audiences or tailor-made for specific themes or events.


Keynote presentations are appropriate for wellness workshops, professional development days and professional association conferences and usually last about 45 minutes followed by Q&A. Audience size can vary according to the presentation’s goals. The main goal of the keynote presentation is to shift culture by introducing the idea of promoting mental health at work, providing justification for the changes, challenging misconceptions, and increasing the comfort people have in talking about these issues.


Training workshops are specific skill-building intensives. During these sessions, participants learn new strategies and are able to practice with table top exercises. These sessions require a minimum of an hour and a half and work best with an audience of 15-30 people.

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