Making Suicide Prevention a Health and Safety Priority




CFMA’s CEO Stuart Binstock and Michelle Walker podcast interview “Leadership, Strategy and System Change”:


MATES in Construction Founder Jorgen Gallestrup podcast interview “9 Best Tips for Effective Construction Suicide Prevention”:


Dr. Thomas Joiner Interview “Why are Men So Lonely: Preventing Deaths of Despair”:


“Suicide Crisis Services: What to Know When You Need a Lifeline”:




“Men and Suicide Loss: Often an Invisible Grief”:


“You Matter to Me”: 4 Reasons Why Peer Support Saves Lives:


What can we do to help Veterans’ mental health? Hire them:


What If They Say “Yes” to the Suicide Question? Four Responses That Make a Difference


15 Top Apps for Resilience, Mental Health Promotion & Suicide Prevention:





Making Suicide Prevention a Workplace Priority (Mental Health Commission of Canada)


Resilience at Work: What HR Professionals Need to Know about Mental Health Promotion and Suicide Prevention:


Safety Forum with special guest Dr. Sally Spencer-Thomas (AGC of Washington)



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